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You have probably been directed here as a result of a trojan infection detected on DALnet. #NoHack was created in 1997 in a time of need. A need for a safe haven where DALnet IRC users could join and get help removing the script.ini trojan. A time progressed, so did the trojans. These range from simple backdoors in popular scripts to applications that allow full and complete as well as usually undetected remote access to another users machine. The present day #NoHack Channel Operators (OP's) are fully trained in the fine arts of IRC related virus removal. Dedicate OP's who are programmers have written very successful and secure trojan removal applications. By clicking on the hyperling below you will be able to go directly to the NoHack.net website as the first step in your trojan removal. Be sure to read our FAQ page to better understand what is happening. - Pinballwiz (#NoHack Founder)

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