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(Version 2.1)
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Author: DragonHeart

#DALnetHelp was created in October of 1996 as a DALnet-sponsored help channel.  This document is its charter, denoting the rules that govern #DALnetHelp, its administrators, AOps, trainees, and users.

Purpose of #DALnetHelp:
The purpose of #DALnetHelp is to provide users with individualized help and training with DALnet Services.

  1. Objectives of #DALnetHelp
    1. The main objective of #DALnetHelp is to provide a network help channel where users can get individualized assistance with their problems and basic IRC training while on DALnet. To facilitate this, all clients entering #DALnetHelp must adhere to basic netiquette courtesy (no cursing, flooding, spamming, etc.).

    2. #DALnetHelp's sole purpose is to provide services to DALnet users; it is not to be considered as an IRC Operator training ground. Such training is provided through the DALnet IRC Operator Training Program, which is not a part of #DALnetHelp.

  2. Rights and Responsibilities:
      The rights and responsibilities of a #DALnetHelp AOp shall include but are not limited to the following:
      1. Providing timely and correct assistance to those who come to the channel for help.
      2. Keeping themselves up-to-date on DALnet policies, procedures, activities, and Services commands.
      3. Training and guiding sponsored trainees (DNH+Vs) and channel helpers.
      4. Voting in the official promotion elections for trainees and helpers.
      5. Keeping #DALnetHelp administration as a whole aware of any prolonged absences.
      6. Temporary voicing of helpers and/or guest helpers to voiced status while the AOp is present.
      7. Temporary opping of DNH+V helpers while the AOp is present or is preparing to leave and the channel would be left without an AOp.
      8. Suggesting changes to the channel guidelines and training program.
      9. AOp status in The Lounge.

  3. Policy Decisions
    1. Policy decisions include, but are not limited to:
      1. Making changes to the charter.
      2. Adding/removing SOps.
      3. Voting to bring action against an AOp, DNH+V or Helper.
    2. Policy change process is as follows:
      1. Any AOp or SOp may suggest changes in channel policy to the SOp Team.
      2. The SOp Team will review the suggested changes and make a decision on them.
      3. The Channel Manager has the final word on all policy decisions.
      4. The Help Committee reserves the right to review and revise any or all channel policies.

  4. The Training of new #DALnetHelp staff
    1. Helpers come in many varieties; the SOp Team for #DALnetHelp attempts to recognize this in its training policy.
    2. The general steps of advancement are as follows:
      1. Guest Helper - may be asked not to help or to observe if circumstances warrant it.
      2. Official Helper - recognized member of #DALnetHelp staff.
      3. DNH+V - autovoiced helper who can help with almost any issue that arises; may need fine tuning of channel management skills.
      4. AOp - helper has shown exemplary helping skills; able to oversee and manage any in-channel issue.
      5. Promotion to SOp is extremely rare and not to be expected.
    3. Promotion from one level to the next is based upon class participation and bi-monthly elections:
      1. Selection as an Official Helper will be done on the basis of AOp and SOp recommendations.
      2. Promotion to DNH+V may require participation in one or more classes.
      3. Promotion to AOp may require participation in one or more additional classes.
      4. Completion of the requisite classes is necessary to be placed on the bi-monthly election ballot.
    4. Most of the #DALnetHelp training will be done by #DALnetHelp staff.  However, other groups within DALnet may also participate.  These include DALnet Admins, SAs, CSOps and IRC Operators.
    5. Occasionally SOps, AOps and DNH+Vs may be selected as IRC Operators.  This is not due to their development in #DALnetHelp, but rather to their being known to the Server Admins who have selected them.  #DALnetHelp is not an IRC Operator training ground.
    6. Outlines of what helpers are expected to know can be found in the training section of #DALnetHelp's website.

  5. DALnet Administrative Involvement
    1. #DALnetHelp is subject to the DALnet Help Committee and the DALnet Administration, who are its recognized founders.
    2. All IRC Operators and Server Admins who request it, are provided with an initial #DALnetHelp DNH+V and ops in The Lounge once they have shown a continued presence in #DALnetHelp and assisting users.
    3. All IRC Operators and Server Admins who are interested in becoming a channel AOp must be voted to AOp status by receiving a majority vote to AOp in the bi-monthly promotion election.

  6. Channel Policies
    1. The channel and its associated extensions have 3 basic rules:
      1. Provide the best help and training for the DALnet users that you possibly can.
      2. Treat all users and helpers as you would like to be treated.
      3. Ask what you can do for the channel and network, not what the channel and network can do for you.
    2. These basic rules are expanded upon in the #DALnetHelp Guidelines.

  7. Complaints and Disciplinary Actions
    1. Details regarding disciplinary actions and policy will be found in the #DALnetHelp Charter.
    2. In the event that there is dissatisfaction with the behaviour or performance of a helper, the following procedure will be followed.
    3. All complaints regarding any helper will be handled by a SOp, the Channel Manager, or the Help Committee, in that order.
    4. The handling of complaints will be accomplished in the following way:
      1. Only long-term complaints are considered; isolated incidents occur "randomly" and helpers are expected to be able to sort these out on their own.
      2. All complaints must be done via email, with appropriate and sufficient logs.
      3. Complaints will be handled in a dignified manner with respect for all involved.
      4. Helpers will be notified if a complaint has been filed, and given an opportunity to respond.
      5. SOps may decide to use emergency measures whenever needed but must substantiate their decisions following such action.

  8. Document Revision History
    Based on the DALnet Charter by dalvenjah, JoeBlow, et al.
    Created December 15, 1996 (Version 1.0) DragonHeart
    Revised January 28, 1997 (Version 1.1) DragonHeart
    Revised October 8, 1997 (Version 1.2) DragonHeart
    Revised February 29, 2000 (Version 1.5) Kzoo
    Revised July 9, 2000 (Version 1.5.1) TNGPicard
    Revised March 31, 2001 (Version 2) TNGPicard
    Revised May 5, 2004 (Version 2.1) esrever
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