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The Lounge was created back in 1997 as a place for #DALnetHelp helpers to relax, idle, and discuss what was happening in #DALnetHelp to better coordinate helping in the channel.

Today, The Lounge exists as a place for helpers to idle and chat about any topic they wish.  A bot is usually present for fun as well as some business matters (described below).  Helpers who are listed on #DALnetHelp's staff page will be given AOp status in The Lounge.

The Lounge has a few common sense rules that must be followed:

  • What is said in The Lounge stays in The Lounge.
    The exception to this rule is when there is a discussion where something needs to be repeated such as:

    • Finding help for somebody
      Example: You are in #DALnetHelp and a user is asking about SET SUCCESSOR, which you don't know about.  You ask other helpers in The Lounge, they tell you what it is, and you follow up by telling the user in #DALnetHelp how SET SUCCESSOR works.

    • There was a problem.
      The ONLY time that you should ever share log files that you have from The Lounge is when there is a problem, and you feel you need to send them to a SOp, or if they are requested from a SOp.  If you were present and logging, even if you had nothing to do with the incident, your logs might be requested as part of the follow-up.

  • Being opped in The Lounge means that you are available to assist in #DALnetHelp.
    Idling is permitted; however, if you are idling in The Lounge so you can display a @ in your /whois, then you are out of luck, because the channel is +s.  Op status in The Lounge is reserved for those helpers who are available to help in #DALnetHelp on a very short notice (the bot being the exception).

    • When you are not available to be in #DALnetHelp (such as when detached from your psyBNC) please do 3 things:

      1. Set yourself /away

      2. De-op yourself

      3. Change your nick to reflect it (nick`afk or similar)

      Why is the last one necessary?  Well, if you have a script that will ensure that you are deopped, then it is not.  However, there is a chance that after a netsplit, you will be reopped, so changing your nick ensures your away status.

  • Don't take anything personally

    • The Lounge is meant to be a fun place to chat with other helpers.  Do not take anything personally or as a personal insult.  Remember this is just IRC, not life and death.  Many people have friends on IRC and friends IRL, and the two don't mix.  If somebody on IRC "insults," you shrug it off and roll with the punches.  If you insult somebody, or jokingly make fun of somebody, then you should be prepared to be insulted or joked with in return.  Keep this in mind before reporting something that has offended you.

    • Kicking is a time-honoured rite of passage in #DALnetHelp and affiliated channels, especially when promotions or advancements are concerned.  Access to The Lounge is the first time this rite of passage will take place for you.  Get used to the kicks; you will be kicked multiple times by the helpers with various messages.  These are meant to be fun.  Complaining will just get you kicked more.  :)

If you have any questions about The Lounge, please get in touch with a SOp.

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