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Welcome to DNH@, a low- to medium-volume mailing list. It is unmoderated, and thus we all share responsibility for ensuring that the content of the list is of high-quality and suitable for anyone to read. Please remember that many of our list members are minors; therefore anything posted to this list should not contain materials that could offend them or their families.


In order to become member of #DALnetHelp's mailing list, you need to subscribe yourself. This can be done here. #DALnetHelp's mailing list administrator will add you as soon as it is confirmed, that you are an official helper of the channel.

Ground Rules for DNH@

  1. Mail to the group should be of broad interest to the group as a whole.  That is, it should relate to the efficient running of the channel, morale, training issues, technical matters, etc.
  2. Please be conscientious of the volume of mail posted to DNH@.  Send personal mail directly to the person concerned.  Brief congratulatory/welcome messages should also be sent personally rather than to the group.  Messages of one or two sentences only should not be sent to the list.
  3. No flaming!  Any messages of complaint about another subscriber to DNH@ should be sent directly to that person or to the SOps.
  4. The writings and opinions posted to the DNH@ mailing list are strictly the opinions of the writer and do not contain any endorsements or guarantees of any kind, unless otherwise noted by an SOp.
  5. Postings that could be construed as defamatory, libelous, or offensive to individuals, organizations, or institutions should not be posted to the DNH@ lists.
  6. Membership on this list constitutes an undertaking to abide by the these ground rules and to be considerate of other members when posting mail to the list.

In addition to these ground rules, we have a guide to netiquette to help members make the best use of our mailing list.  New subscribers are requested to familiarize themselves with the ground rules and the netiquette guide before posting to the list.



Save the welcome message that you receive when you join the list.  It tells you how to subscribe and unsubscribe.

If your mail stops coming, and you haven't unsubscribed, please contact us and let us know.  Response should take no more than a day, although the average is a few hours.

Refrain from sending attachments to the list.  They don't always translate properly.  Wherever possible convert your file to a standard ASCII text file and include it in the mail you are composing.

When you reply to a message, don't include the entire length of the original message in your post.  Take the time to use your delete key and either select the small part that is pertinent to your letter or summarize it in your response.

Avoid posting "Me Too" messages, i.e., short replies to the whole list just to say that you agree or had a similar reaction or experience.  It is better to send these by private mail to the original poster.  If you have something valuable to add, then by all means send this to the list.  As a general guideline, the new content in a follow-up post should exceed the quoted context.

Label the content of your post in the subject line.  If the subject in your response differs from the one your are replying to, update the subject line to match your new topic.  The form "XXX (was YYY)" works well for changing topics.

All mail to DNH@ should directly be related to the channel.  For example, don't send humor columns, chain letters, other people's inspirational poetry, or any off-topic information to the list, no matter how wonderful or necessary you may find it.  These things occupy valuable space.

Take care in what you write.  Remember that many people will read your post, and it will be archived by the SOps for a very long time.

Consider your audience.  Email always sounds harsher than it is because there are no accompanying gestures or facial expressions.

Try not to give offense or be easily offended yourself.  When you make your points keep your tone polite.  Respond to the issues not to the personal attributes.AME WARS

Flaming means sending harsh abusive mail.  It includes such things as name-calling, public criticism of another member of the group, personal attacks, baiting, raising issues, or responding to posts in a deliberately inflammatory manner.

Persistent disagreements with another person should be moved to private email and off of the list.

The best way to stop a flame fest from happening is to ignore the folks who try to start them. Please notify the SOps if you feel that the discussion is getting out of hand or oppressive.E EMAIL PRIVATE - AND OFF THE LIST

Never repost private email to the mailing list (or any other forum or media) without permission of the original author.  If you have permission to repost a message or information, please credit the author and show their email address.

Don't post your phone number or address to the list without understanding the potential consequences. It is better to send personal information by private email.DABLE

Capitalize words only to highlight an important point or to distinguish a title or heading.  Capitalizing whole words that are not titles is generally termed as SHOUTING!  *Asterisks* surrounding a word can be used to make a stronger point.  Don't write an entire message in lower case, either.

Don't send text to this mailing list in MIME format.  Keep your formatting set for the lowest common denominator so that everyone can read it.  Limit line length to approximately 65-70 characters and above 55 characters.  Use your automatic word wrap if available.

Keep the length of your signatures modest.  One or two lines is about right.

Thank you for your contribution to our unique and wonderful community.

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