Wes Craven made an appearance on DALnet to promote his most recent horror masterpiece, Scream3. As most of you may or may not know, Scream3 is the final episode of the well-known Scream trilogy.

Location: #WesChat
Date: Thursday, the 20th of April
Time:  12:00 - 12:30pm GMT
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Wes Craven - Event Log

[5:06:49 am] *** Joins : Wes_Craven
[5:07:28 am] <@taz> Hello everyone and thanks for coming! I'd like to welcome you all to DALnet. If you'd like to learn more about us, feel free to visit http://www.dal.net after this session. I'd also like to thank lineone for arranging this for us. You can visit them as well at http://www.lineone.net after this.
[5:07:44 am] <@taz> Our guest today is Wes Craven, director of the mega-popular movies 'The Hills Have Eyes', 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and the 'Scream' series.
[5:07:53 am] <@taz> If you have a question for Wes you can ask it in #weschat right now. curve will be relaying some of your questions here in #lineone for Wes to answer. Wes will answer as many as he can for the next 30 minutes.
[5:08:07 am] <@taz> Without further introduction, curve... take it away!

[5:09:08 am] <@Pzykotic> Will Scream 3 be the last Scream movie - or will we get another one ?
[5:09:38 am] <@Wes_Craven> No, it will be the last one.
[5:09:56 am] <@Wes_Craven> The writer, Kevin Williamson, saw it as a trilogy right from the beginning..
[5:10:03 am] <@Wes_Craven> and, of course, we followed.
[5:10:33 am] <@Wes_Craven> Part of Scream's specialness is that it is not something that will go on and on
[5:10:40 am] <@Wes_Craven> it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

[5:10:55 am] <@Pzykotic> Q: Will you make any more Nightmare on elm street movies/tv episodes?
[5:11:25 am] <@Wes_Craven> Short answer on that one. no. I'm very much done with that one as part of my life.
[5:11:45 am] <@Wes_Craven> The next project I'm doing is a film project of my novel which is called Fountain Society
[5:12:05 am] <@Wes_Craven> and also we're producing a film called Dracula 2000, which obviously is a modern vampire tale
[5:12:21 am] <@Wes_Craven> That's in production right now and is directed by Patrick Lusier

[5:12:56 am] <@Pzykotic> : Q: What inspired you to make these "reality" based films (Scream 2, a film about the film of the previous film, and the New Nightmare film - about the script of the last freddy film coming "true"?)
[5:13:39 am] <@Wes_Craven> Well i think i'm just intrigued by looking at the process of the films we all enjoyed
[5:13:45 am] <@Wes_Craven> and how they reflect our lives
[5:13:53 am] <@Wes_Craven> and really how we make them a part of our lives

[5:14:27 am] <@Pzykotic> Q- what is your favorite movie ?
[5:14:40 am] <@Wes_Craven> Oh gosh
[5:14:55 am] <@Wes_Craven> Citizen Kane
[5:15:11 am] <@Wes_Craven> It's one of the great masterpieces of all time, I guess that's the reason.

[5:15:33 am] <@Pzykotic> Q : what should i be doing now if i want to be like you? i mean.. what were you doing at my age? (19 years old) Do you take like any special degree stuff?
[5:15:57 am] <@Wes_Craven> I guess I was in college studying in literature at that time
[5:16:05 am] <@Wes_Craven> all I can say is that I think a good education is a great start
[5:16:12 am] <@Wes_Craven> it helps a lot to read as many great books as you can
[5:16:39 am] <@Wes_Craven> It wasn't until I started teaching college that I suddenly became convinced that I wanted to change careers and become a movie maker
[5:16:46 am] <@Wes_Craven> it was one of the things that took me by surprise

[5:17:00 am] <@Pzykotic> Q: have you had any nightmares from your movies?
[5:17:24 am] <@Wes_Craven> None that I can remember
[5:17:38 am] <@Wes_Craven> Although I sometimes use a part of a scary dream that i've had for part of a movie later
[5:18:21 am] <@Wes_Craven> I have found that dreams are a very imaginative part of your thoughts, they are very useful for the kind of films that I do

[5:18:35 am] <@Pzykotic> Who is your Favorite Horror writer? Do you have one?
[5:19:00 am] <@Wes_Craven> Edgar Allen Poe
[5:19:20 am] <@Wes_Craven> he was the earliest person I was aware of who wrote very scarey stories

[5:19:34 am] <@Pzykotic> What do you think of the upcoming "Scary Movie" horror spoof?
[5:20:07 am] <@Wes_Craven> Well, you know. I think it's a kind of a form of flattery that we've made a film that's already being spoofed
[5:20:22 am] <@Wes_Craven> It also probably means that it's time to move on to a new kind of film if people are spoofing it now!

[5:21:02 am] <@Pzykotic> Q: The scream films were more horror/comedy than just plain traditional 'Horror'. Now that the scream triad is finished, will you be moving back towards more terrifying 'Horror' movies or continue in the same vein as 'Scream/1/2/3' ?
[5:21:40 am] <@Wes_Craven> Probably will do neither, I certainly don't feel that it would be smart to do any films of the same nature.
[5:21:53 am] <@Wes_Craven> In general I will be moving to more dramatic films in the near future

[5:22:46 am] <@Pzykotic> I noticed a couple of cameos in Scream 3 - from Clerks and, of course, Princess Laya - are they friends?
[5:23:33 am] <@Wes_Craven> No, not friends of mine. Just people I know from the movies which I thought would be fun to have as guest stars and I did want to write a script for Roger Corman so I met him.

[5:24:05 am] <@Pzykotic> <^^An{G}eL^^> Q: Which scream movie did you like working on the best? 1 , 2 or 3 ?
[5:24:24 am] <@Wes_Craven> Gee - it's hard to say, they were all very enjoyable
[5:24:39 am] <@Wes_Craven> Maybe the last one because it was the triumphant completion of the series and there was such humour in it
[5:24:56 am] <@Wes_Craven> we were also all good friends by that time.
[5:25:42 am] <@Wes_Craven> The most interesting thing was that David and Courtney were playing a couple who were falling in love and they were newly weds so they were doing what lovers so on screen and off screen so it was sometimes hard to get their attention

[5:25:58 am] <@Pzykotic> Q: What other films have you enjoyed this year? Any special ones?
[5:26:56 am] <@Wes_Craven> Yah, I think the new Julia Roberts film Erin Brockovich is good
[5:27:12 am] <@Wes_Craven> from last year I liked Being John Malkovich and Magnolia, they were really interesting films

[5:27:26 am] <@Pzykotic> Q- how do you feel about the availability of the movies you make over the internet?
[5:28:15 am] <@Wes_Craven> Well you know, obviously it's a lot of work so I think people should respect the artist they like by sharing the cost of making the film.
[5:29:10 am] <@curve> Wes got disconnected there briefly
[5:29:15 am] <@curve> it happens to us all ;)

[5:39:53 am] <@Raistlin> OK, Wes' time has run out, but he'll be returning in a second to say goodbye

[5:45:25 am] <@Wes_Craven> Thanks to all my fans. I hope you enjoy Scream 3, and I wish you many happy horrors.
[5:45:42 am] <@Wes_Craven> take care!
[5:45:52 am] <@chromed> Thanks Wes! :)
[5:46:07 am] <@taz> Thanks much Wes and thank you all for coming.
[5:46:39 am] Thank you for coming and sharing some of your time with us
[5:46:49 am] <@Pzykotic> Bye Wes, and thanks :)
[5:47:03 am] *** Quits : Wes_Craven ( Quit: bye! )

[5:49:18 am] <@Raistlin> OK, on behalf of DALnet, we'd like to thank you all for coming and taking part in this chat with Wes Craven, we apologize that his time was limited and it would have been impossible to answer all your questions

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