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Question: What is the max amount of nicks that we can register before having an oper bitch at us?
Answer: All we ask is that you keep your number of nicks & channel to a reasonable level. How many nicks are you actually going to use? How many channels can you actually take care of reasonably? 

Keep in mind that DALnet is a free service. You don't pay us to come on here. Be reasonable. There are lots of other users on DALnet. They should have the right to have their own nick/channel as well.

Question: Is it possible for a user to check if a person has set an email?
Answer: Yes, if they have also SET SHOWEMAIL ON for that nick. It will appear in the NickServ INFO information. After Sep. 10th, all nicks will have an email set.

Question: Can I register more than a nick using the same e-mail?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Are nicks now permanent or do they still expire?
Answer: As usual, they will expire. This makes sure that stale nicks get recycled and others have a chance to get the nicks they want.

Question: Why don't you make the sending passwords command available to the user? Example: /nickserv send password (note that if it was the real owner of the nick, then he will be able to see his email and get his password directly) without first going through an IRCop?
Answer: If someone doesn't remember their password, they cannot identify. Allowing anyone to send the password for a nick would open the doors wide to abuse. Having the user go through an oper will prevent that.

Question: Wouldn't you be able to like .. mail bomb people using this feature?
Answer: No. Services will only issue a single email to a particular address once per hour. You would have to be very persistent to try to mail-bomb someone this way. :)

Question: Is the authorization code important to keep, or is it only important for registration and after that, it has no further use?
Answer: You can throw away the AUTH code after you used it and NickServ accepted it.

Question: Can I use my email address to register my son's nick since he doesn't have his own email address?
Answer: As stated before you can use the same email address for more then one nick.

Question: Is it possible for someone to take over our nicks with this new system? Will it be more secure than before?
Answer: So long as you NEVER give out your password in any way (even through a script with a backdoor, a trojan, or simply typing it in a query or channel window), you don't stand much chance of having your nick "taken over" ... that almost never happens. There's usually some other, easier method for them to get your password.

Question: If someone doesn't register properly by the 11th, anyone is free to take their nicks?
Answer: As already stated at the beginning of the class, anyone who does NOT have an email address set to their nick by September 10th, will lose their nick(s). This does not apply with the newly registered nicks. They have their 24hour system ...

Question: About the september 10th nick drop. At what time will nicks be dropping?
Answer: There is never a given time when this will be done. I would just recommend that you set things up so you don't have to worry about the nick drop date...

Question: Will the default for showing the email addy be to show it, or not to show it? I just changed mine to NO, so I would assume that will mean that it will be shown by default. Make the showing an option to OPT-IN, and not an OPT-OUT option, as many people in IRC like their privacy.
Answer: The SHOWEMAIL is OFF by default. You have to turn it on before people can see your email.

Question: So if someone doesn't register properly by the 11th, anyone is free to take their nicks?
Answer: The exact date is the 10th. But yes any nick without a email set will expire and they will be up for grabs and a CSOP can not help you....

Question: I think the AUTH command makes the work tedious for us...why can't we just send a blank reply to the email that we receive and make the nick register?
Answer: There is also a link in the email you receive from services. You can use that link to register as well, thus saving you the typing (copy/paste) on IRC.

*Notice* We took the liberty of modifying the spelling/grammar/wording of certain questions for aesthetic purposes


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