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  1. Users are welcome to help in our channel at the discretion of the channel operators.  You do not need to ask permission.  We expect your information to be accurate.

  2. Please read the topic as you enter.  There are times, where guest helpers can not help.  Follow what it says in the topic.  This means no bold, no color and no excessive caps.  Avoid the excessive use of /me actions.

  3. Help is mainly on DALnet Services and basic IRC questions.  All other questions should be directed to the appropriate recommended DALnet help channel.  You can see these by looking at http://help.dal.net.

  4. Do not answer questions if you are not sure of your information.  Defer to channel staff or find someone you feel would know.

  5. Matters relating to theft, abuse or ownership dispute of any kind regarding passwords/nicks/channels should be referred to #OperHelp only.

  6. English is the preferred language in the channel.  For help in other languages, please refer to the correct recommended help channel for the user's language needs.  Use your best grammar without slang.  Not all of our users speak or read slang English, but they still want to get help in our channel.

  7. Popups and help scripts are not to be used except in the case of URLs.

  8. Watch which channels you choose to be in while being in #DALnetHelp, as you represent the network in the eyes of the users. No exploiting/warez/illegal/porn channels.

  9. Help is only done in the channel.  If the help is long and difficult, you might want to refer the user to channel staff.  If you want to help a user in a unique language, please notify channel staff that you are doing this; AFTER doing so, you may help by private message.

  10. There should be one helper per user.  Avoid interrupting or improving on the help being given.  A channel operator may break this rule if the information being given is incorrect or misleading.

  11. Correction of others will be done by the channel operators, and then only by /notice.  If you reply to a /notice, please remember to do it as a /notice.  Please leave all comments about behaviours and/or warnings to #DALnetHelp channel operators.

  12. Do not volunteer the help of any IRC Operators who may happen to be in the channel.  If they are able to help, they will volunteer.

  13. Always use the same nick when helping in our channel.  Remember to use a nick which is appropriate for a family channel.  Inappropriate nicks, hostnames, vhosts, userids or GCOS fields must not be used, and you may be asked to change by a channel operator.

  14. Decisions of channel operators are final.  Arguing will only make it worse for you.  Respect their decisions.  Legitimate complaints should be sent to the SOps.
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