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The term "#DALnetHelp Training Program" is misleading.  It is not meant to imply "#DALnetHelp will teach you DALnet's Services" or "#DALnetHelp will teach you how to help."  The #DALnetHelp Training Program is designed to assist knowledgeable helpers in improving their skills in a variety of areas.  The #DALnetHelp Training Program assumes a quid pro quoyou do the research and we will be there to answer questions, help you understand, and refine your helping skills.

There are four primary sets of helpers on the #DALnetHelp team:

  1. Guest Helpers
    • Defined as any user who joins #DALnetHelp and starts helping.  Depending on some factors, guest helpers might be asked to refrain from helping.
    • A guest helper who seems to be knowledgeable may be asked to join the #DALnetHelp staff.
  2. Official #DALnetHelp Helper
    • A person is considered an official helper after the recommendation of several #DALnetHelp AOps and the approval of the SOps.
    • The Helper should have a sound knowledge of IRC commands and of DALnet's Services and should be able to explain each command's usage.
  3. Voiced Helpers (DNH+V)
    • These are helpers who have shown a comprehensive working knowledge of Services and the IRC environment.
    • DNH+Vs have also demonstrated good helping and interpersonal skills in #DALnetHelp
    • DNH+Vs have demonstrated an ability to identify a user's problems and then either assist with the problem or direct the user to the correct resource.
    • These helpers should be able to practically apply principles of nickname and channel security, using the options in ChanServ and NickServ.
    • DNH+Vs are granted +v status by DNH when they join #DALnetHelp.
  4. #DALnetHelp AOPs
    • AOPs have demonstrated the ability to work in a friendly and courteous manner, even when dealing with stressed, irate, or abusive users.
    • AOPs have demonstrated the ability to work in a friendly and courteous manner with other staff members, despite possible personal animosities.
    • AOPs have demonstrated how to resolve a problem with a user or another helper using active listening and other mediation techniques.

Movement through the #DALnetHelp Training Program

Promotion results when the helper has demonstrated a mastery of the full range of knowledge and skills expected at their level of the training program.  This is determined in the following steps:

  • The primary assessment of helpers is through observation in #DALnetHelp.  Concerns and other discussion about helpers is done on the dnh-ops@lists.dal.net mailing list.
  • Recommendations for additional or remedial training are made to the training staff via the dnh-ops@ mailing list or on the #DALnetHelp Mentoring Team mailing list.  The Mentoring Team of #DALnetHelp will try to assign each helper a mentor as early as possible after becoming a recognized channel helper.
  • Evaluation of #DALnetHelp helpers will be done on a monthly basis through a channel vote.  Through the vote, the #DALnetHelp AOps can offer their opinions on each helper and decide if the helper should stay at his or her current level, move to the next level, or if he or she should be removed from the staff.  All votes are reviewed by the SOps and are announced about a week after the vote is over.

General responsibilities of all helpers in #DALnetHelp in the training program:

  • Learn the DALnet Services commands and keep up to date on any changes made to Services.
  • Be knowledgeable in the use of general IRC commands and important parts of the ircd that may affect users in #DALnetHelp.
  • Work together with other helpers in #DALnetHelp.  Ask yourself what you can do for #DALnetHelp, NOT what #DALnetHelp can do for you.
  • Be polite and courteous to users in #DALnetHelp.
  • Never be afraid to admit that you don't know an answer or to seek help from another helper.
  • Remember that the ops in #DALnetHelp know their duties and always try to fulfil them to the best of their ability, so leave channel management up to them (banning, kicking, or warning users AND other helpers, correcting the help given, etc.).


General responsibilities of #DALnetHelp Ops:

  • Ops will be responsible for overseeing staff and guest helpers in #DALnetHelp.
  • Ops will ensure that timely, accurate, and professional help is given in #DALnetHelp.
  • Ops will recommend helpers for entry into the #DALnetHelp Training Program based on their opinion of the helpers.  Ops will give their opinion of helpers in the program and select helpers for promotion to the next level through the monthly channel elections.
  • Ops should serve as role models for other helpers.
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