#ServHelp has traditionally been used to give imprompt classes regarding DALnet services or other DALnet related features to the DALnet community. With the creation of the Events Team, #ServHelp has become their responsibility. The Events Team will strive to give classes regarding DALnet Services on a regular basis. In addition, it will also collaborate with various DALnet Help Channels and independent organizations to provide information and tips that may be useful to DALnet users in the future. During a session, #ServHelp is usually moderated due to the high number of users present. Excessive nick changing or attempting to use nick changes to communicate your ideas to the rest of the channel is not tolerated. Please do not message the ops, it's very unlikely that you will get a reply. Logs of #ServHelp sessions will be made available on the Events Website.

June 7, 2001
Services and IRCop Impersonators

March 10, 2001
Managing Annoyances

September 9, 2000
Nickserv Email System


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