Information Sessions on the current Virus/Trojan/Backdoor Situation

These two information sessions were held in the beginning of 2002 on the current situation of viruses, trojans and backdoors on the DALnet IRC network. These sessions were aimed at the helpers of the network in order to give them further information.

The logs can be downloaded below: Class 1 & Class 2

Notes & Credits

  • These sessions would have never been possible without the assistance and cooperation of the DALnet #NoHack staff, the DALnet Exploits Team and the various people who have helped spread word of this class. Thank you very much!!!

  • The first class had a rather serious mistake in it. We stated that the "Judgement Day" virus was nearly extinct on DALnet, which is not the case. The information was corrected in the second class.

  • The qwerty virus is not harmless as was stated in the second class. If you seek further information about it then please contact a #NoHack helper or visit


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