Contacting KLine

Before emailing, please read and follow the guidelines below:

Check to make sure you don't have a "hostile" username

(that information before the @ in your address: If your username contains a *,!,@ or a ~, you won't be able to connect to a DALnet server. These characters in a username are not allowed because they cause problems with the IRC code.

Are you using an mIRC add-on script?
Some of these scripts are considered to be hostile, and many of these scripts automatically alter the username of your address to a word that is banned on DALnet (MyId, rad, startnet, tornflesh, etc.). If this is the case with you, it might be a good idea to disable the script.

Do you have identd enabled?
You should. Check the help files of the client you're using to see how to enable it.

Check to see if you're banned from all DALnet servers or one/most of them.
The kline team is responsible for network-wide bans. Local server bans are best addressed by the server's administrator. For a list of DALnet servers to try you can go to your account shell and type: finger or, depending on your IRC client, you may be able to type: /finger while connected to IRC.


All DALnet servers have "" as part of their address. If you find yourself banned from (for example), we are NOT the ones to write since this is not a server.b. We are not responsible for channel bans on DALnet. If you find yourself banned from a channel you should type: /msg chanserv info #channelname to get the nickname of the founder. You can then look for him or send him a memo (/msg memoserv send nickname).

Check the message you get when you're disconnected. If you can't connect as a result of a ban, then the message will clearly state you've been k-lined. If you're getting another message, then you have a different problem. If the server says "Too many connections" or "No more connections" that means the server you are trying to get on is full and no longer allowing users to connect to it. Try a different server or try that server later. Please check the Connections FAQ for other connection problems that are Non-Kline related.

There is no DALnet server called DALnet has many servers, and when you use "" you are actually getting connected to one of many possible DALnet servers. Thus, if "" is full, you should try again because the one randomly picked server was full - next time you will probably connect to a different server, which hopefully isn't full.

Actually, you shouldn't be using "" to connect to DALnet on a regular basis. What you should do is look at the list of DALnet servers (either from the DALnet servers web page, or by fingering, and try to find which ones are close to you. Most people usually pick a few servers close by which seem to work fine for them, and stick to those.

If you have not resolved the problem with the above and you think you need to write to, be sure to include the following information:

a. Address (this should be the information that appears when you are on DALnet.

b. The servers you tried to connect to (remember, if the server doesn't say "" then you should NOT be writing to

c. The message you received when you attempted to connect to DALnet.

d. Your DALnet nickname (If it's registered with DALnet).

e. The name and email address for your ISP's Administrative Contact

f. The date(s) and time(s) you tried to connect. If you don't know/remember the exact time, still saying "last tuesday afternoon" (for example) is better than nothing. This will help in determining problems which have already been addressed and avoiding confusion. This not need to be overly specific though (no need to list ALL 40 connect attempts).

When writing about a k-line placed on a site and asking that to be removed, if you happen to know what is your ISP's administrative contact email address, please include that. This can speed up the process of lifting the k-line tremendously.

Remember, we are here to help you as much as we can, give us the information we need, without it we cannot assist you.



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