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This document is written by sid. Text-only version is also available.

IRC Annoyances!%*@ [Newbie IRC Netiquette Guide]
Written by MrDigital <>


WARNING: Do not give in to "Reading-Laziness" which many MSN/ICQ 
or Yahoo chatters adapt to when coming to IRC and giving up
because its not "simple" to use. It is easy if you use basic
common sense - and eventually, you'll be confident enough with it
to start enjoying it.



Welcome to the #IRCHelp Newbie IRC Netiquette Guide. You will
probably have been referred to this by a member of staff in 
#IRCHelp because you are new at IRC and you want to know all the
ins-and-outs of this "cool" piece of software.
You can start on your quest by firstly knowing exactly [HOW] to
behave on IRC so you can stick around to find out more. For 
instance, you might want to know how to download some files 
because your friend from work told you he/she gets interesting
information from IRC.

Well, you started off on the right foot if you're here, because
you went to a help channel and asked about IRC. This is one of
the few places you will have been told about, including other
docs like typing /ircintro and checking websites for newbies
such as

To cut to the chase, here's some etiquette which is a good idea 
to follow if you want to continue using the Internet Relay Chat 


This is put first, for one very important reason - its the most 
important thing to do whilst on IRC - "keep your cool" because 
if you don't, you're probably going to end up breaking most of 
the netiquette guidelines below.

You need to respect the fact that IRC isn't as easy as most 
chat tools, and it takes time and patience to get used to the
interface and the way it works. But when you do, you will start
enjoying it. There's people who are still chatting on it today
who have been on it for over 10 years, and I personally know
two of them, and I can't see them ever coming off it, because 
the friends you'll make on IRC are friends for life, not just
"asl" buddies.

Read on if you want to learn about IRC etiquette in order to 
get and keep your friends...


Flooding is a big problem in modern day IRC. It is one of the
worst ways to introduce oneself to an IRC community.

    *** sardat_22 has joined #IRC
    <sardat_22> HI
    <sid> Hello.
    <sardat_22> HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI
    <sardat_22> HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI
    *** sardat_22 was kicked from #IRC by sid (Stop flooding)

From the above, you can clearly see that flooding is IRC 
slang for repeatedly typing something only for the purpose of
annoying other IRCers.


What is the point of joining a channel and then chatting away in 
German while in an English speaking channel. This is offputting 
for just about every user in the channel, who, might we add, has
no clue what you're ranting on about. If you want to chat in a 
specific language to people who speak that language, please make 
sure you go to a channel where thats one of the main spoken 
languages. It's common sense really.

For example:
/join #french-help instead of /join #help

Colours and Bold

There are a lot of channels which despise the use of colours so
you will find them set +c (which prevents colour being used in
the channels.) However, +c does not block out the use of bold
so it would be a good idea not to use it at all to get yourself
heard, because you'll most likely be met with a kick if you use

Remember, there are certain channels (like #txtworld on DALnet)
which are designed for showing off your scripts, colours etc
so if you want to do "your fancy stuph" and "shake ur bootie"
go in there and do it. Other than that be strongly discouraged
from the use of colours and bold.

Nick Changes

Changing your nick constantly: this is another form of flooding, 
if at its worst (ie somebody writes a script to automatically 
change a nickname over and over again in a short space of time.) 
It is advised that you generally keep to using one nickname, and 
do not change it. In some rather more 'old skool' (generally
technically related) IRC channels, it is considered as 
inappropriate to change your nick when you go away.

For example:
PB is now known as PB[away]
OR even worse (for obvious reasons):
PB is now known as PB[away-toilet]

In order to fully understand the problem with this 'minor' case
of nick changing, you have to consider the fact that certain
users don't want to know where you are constantly - for if they
would, they'd message you.
Therefore, to avoid these problems, type /away Reason and type
/away (when you come back) again to turn it off, so if someone 
wants to find you, they'll know then where you are by your away 

You can read an extensively informative document about this
case of 'bad' /away messages at the following URL (address)


Auto-rejoins, this is a problem with many of the IRC users'
clients, where they are pre-set to auto-rejoin a channel (in 
other words, go back in) after being kicked out for whatever 

For example:
<21:16:33> UserA was kicked by OperatorA (Flooding)
<21:16:34> UserA joins channel #blah

Please take special attention to the time in the example. You
will notice that this UserA rejoined the channel immediately
(one second) after being kicked out by OperatorA. This must
mean that he probably didn't even look at the kick reason
(which is desplayed on the user's screen every time he/she is
kicked out of a channel) which annoys the Op, and probably 
instigates a ban, where the user is banned from the channel
[cannot rejoin it] for a substantial length of time, decided
by the Operator.

It would be a good idea to check whether you have auto-rejoin
turned on or off. Below are methods of how to turn it off.

[Using mIRC]

Press Alt+o --> Click 'IRC' tab --> uncheck 'Rejoin after being 

Click Options button [next to golden connect button] --> Click
'IRC' tab --> uncheck 'Rejoin after being kicked.'


IRC is completely different from Yahoo Chat or whatever you have 
been used to beforehand. It is not 'new' either. IRC has been
around before the Web was invented. It thus has very intelligent
old-timers in it, who have been around for a very long time. That 
usually means you're less likely to encounter young people 
without much of an intelligence (even though the balance is 
gradually tilting with more and more kids surfing IRC.) With all
this in mind, it is important that you can communicate in an 
appropriate fashion. In other words, 'asl' shouldn't be the only 
question on your mind when you join a channel, because some 
channels despise people with nothing to say for themselves except 
their age, sex and location.

Also, it is advised that you do not go surfing IRC insulting 
people "for fun" because that usually results in being kicked
out from every channel you go to, and gives your ISP a bad
reputation. Thus, even if you ban evade (changing your IP/host
in order to get back on the same channel you are banned from,)
eventually you won't be able to get on at all. This has happened 
to AOL countless of times :-)

Channel Jumping

Joining and parting the same channels constantly is considered 
another form of flooding. For example:

*** Newb ( has left #chat
*** Newb ( has joined #chat
<sixsix> hey newb
*** Newb ( has left #chat
*** Newb ( has joined #chat


Do not type in capital letters. This method of typing is 
considered as 'yelling' and it's therefore considered bad manners 
to type everything in caps. A small amount of newcomers to IRC do 
this because they think they'll get noticed more if they use 
caps. They're right, but that extra attention usually comes with 
a kick.


This is really common sense, but for the kids, it is important to 
state the following for your own safety (even though it is 
generally suggested that children under the age of 13 are not to 
go on IRC.)

It sounds like we've given up hope trying to get rid of these
parasites, but there *are* paedophiles on IRC, who prey on
children, so do not giving out important details whilst
chatting, and *always* make sure you have a parent or an adult
supervise while you are on IRC just incase.

We therefore suggest, that if you are under 13, in the email
and realname fields, you type a parent's name and email in 
instead of your own real name and email address, your mother's
if you're a girl and your father's if you're a boy.
This document is part of DALnet's #IRCHelp's website.