Official help policies

These are the official policies for 3 of DALnet's official channels, #DALnetHelp, #help and #IRCHelp. The idea behind these policies are to make an overall guideline for the channels in an effort to bring the channels and their visitors closer, enhance the co-operation between the channels, make it easier for the exchange of information, help and helpers.

When you are in either of these channels, be it you are a staff member, helper or thinking of helping out, please regard the below stated policies. If you have any questions please talk to the management of the specific channel or the Help Committee.

The policies are divided up in sections for each status but mind you that one, several or all sections might apply for you so read them all. Use your common sense! Violations of these policies can result in everything from a reprimand to a timed or permanent removal of your presence and/or status.

  • Set an example for the helpers and users. Be on your best behaviour at all time.
  • Kick and ban only when necessary and always give a proper and valid reason stated kick message. Note: Try and reason with the offender first when possible.
  • When setting a ban, use as narrow ban as possible e.g. *!*@IP or *!*@host. If it's a vhost/bnc use *!ident@host or *!ident@IP/24.
  • Help the helpers and correct them when necessary but do so in private. Let then the helper correct their own mistakes.
  • In disagreement with other ops consult other ops and/or SOps or as a last resort the HC.
  • Be active both in channel and on mailing lists.

IRC Operators
  • IRC Ops are allowed to help without taking any classes as they have their own classes.
  • IRC Ops are allowed to temporarely op themselves if there is no ops around or if there is a need for it.
  • IRC Ops can give advice to the ops of a channel regarding bans or users but it's up to the staff (or HC) to act upon it.

Recognized Helpers
  • Set an example for the users. Be on your best behaviour at all time.
  • Listen to the ops and in disagreement consult other ops or as a last resort the HC.
  • Help the (newbie) helpers and correct them when necessary but do so in private. Let then the helper correct their own mistakes.
  • NOTE: To become a recognized helper you need to spend time in the channel, watch and learn, help out and go through the classes (see below).

Newbie Helpers
  • To be allowed to start helping you first need approval from the channel staff. After been approved you MUST everytime you join the help channel make the present staff aware of your presence so they can supervise you while you help. If there is no staff around you MUST wait until one appear.
  • Unless you are channel staff or a recognized helper, you are only allowed to help under supervision of a channel staff (mentor) until you are trained and become a recognized helper.
  • If you are unsure of the answer to a question rather refrain from answering than guessing.
  • Watch and learn from more experienced helper and staff as much as possible.
  • Pick one nick (registered for at least 30 days) and use it while helping in the channel so we easier can tell who you are.

  • If you are in need of help, ask your question in the main and do no message the helpers without their approval first.
  • Do not flood or paste the channel with logs or whoises without approval from the staff first.
  • Never EVER give out your password unless you are talking to an IRC Op and are asked to. To learn more about IRC Ops and how to tell if a user is an IRC Op, please visit

  • Always give as exact help as possible and when done try to point the users in the right direction where they can find more info regarding their questions e.g. docs.* and Services. Always strive to leave a satisfied user.
  • If you are unsure of the answer to a question refrain from answering rather than guessing.
  • In cases of hacked or stolen channels/nicks/passwords or general network abuse send the user to #operhelp.

  • Every helper must participate in these classes to become a recognized helper. When you have passed these and deemed ready, you are allowed to help without supervision.

  • Classes are under construction. More info to follow..

  • Always obey DALnet and channel policies at all time!
  • Keep disagreements and fights off the main and sort them out in private. If it can't be sorted out, talk to the Sops or as a last resort the HC.
  • When being in the channel be well mannered and show respect to staff, helpers and users. Use common sense!

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