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Here are all the useful things you should know about IRC and DALnet:

Newbie Guide
This guide may be useful for people who are new to IRC. Don't just blindly send everyone to it, but if a user seems to me asking several topics covered by it, this may be an easier way for them to learn.

Nickname Management
Explains how to register your nickname, and how to manage it after registration.

Channel Management
Covers channel registration, options, control, and general channel management for operators.

Channel Access Control
Explains how to control access to your channel using the automatic op and kick lists.

History of IRC
The history of IRC as told by Jarkko Oikarinen (the creator of the whole mess).

Services Reference
Every user Services command on DALnet. Organized by command, not by subject :(

DALnet Documents
DALnet's documents in several languages. Most of the useful ones are under "Other Docs".

IRChelp Helper FAQ
Over time this FAQ has become a list of rules for helpers. In principle they should be followed, but any rules here which are in direct conflict with the rules page (link at the top) may be disregarded.

IRChelp Grammar Guide
Speak properly so people understand you.

IRChelp Help Quality
Stop giving dumb answers that don't make sense to anyone other than yourself.