Rules of Conduct

In order to assist you efficiently, #operhelp has several rules which need to be followed. They are as follows:

1. Be Patient - There are nearly 200 IRCops on DALnet, and over 50,000 users. If you do not receive an answer immediately, please wait, as the oper you are speaking to is most likely dealing with another problem.

2. Don't Message The Ops - When an IRC Operator is in #operhelp, he/she is giving all their attention to the channel. By messaging an oper, you are distracting them, making it slower for other users to receive help.

3. Avoid Colors - Colors are distracting, and not all IRC clients support them. They can make it more difficult or even impossible to understand what you are saying.

4. Wait Your Turn - Most IRC Operators will use the order in which you joined the channel, to determine who needs to be helped next. Repeating that you need help will not get you help any quicker. If you wish to see where you are in the line of users to be helped, type /names #operhelp and you will be helped in order of right to left.

5. No idling after being helped - People need to know who is available to help and occasionally will bring up information which is not meant for everyone, so to help avoid larger problems, we do not permit idling in #operhelp.

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