Frequently Used Terms

New users to DALnet, or even some more experienced users, may be unsure as to what a certain word or phrase means. The following is a list of some of the more commonly used terms on DALnet.

IRCop - Also known as an IRC Operator, or Oper. IRCops are the users on DALnet who have special access to DALnet, and can assist other users. They are not cops, however, which is a common misconception.

CSop - CSop stands for ChanServ Operator. CSops are IRCops with enhanced access to the services (NickServ, ChanServ, etc.). They have the ability to retrieve forgotten nickname/channel passwords, among other more powerful commands.

Netsplit - DALnet consists of many servers, which connect to each other. Sometimes, for many reasons, two servers will stop communicating. This is called a netsplit. When a netsplit occurs, you will most likely see several people quit IRC with the message: *** JoeUser has Quit IRC: ( This means that glass and vader (two DALnet servers) have stopped communicating. When the servers reconnect to each other, the users who had quit, will rejoin.

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