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Welcome to #Help @ help.dal.net

The goal of #Help's existence is to provide top-notch help to new IRC users. With that said, we also aim to assist experienced users and anyone in the middle. Our staff is composed of multi-talented, friendly, and very helpful people from all around the globe. One of the most valuable facets of #Help is the diversity of helpers and their sleeping hours/timezones, meaning that you can find great help nearly any time.

As an offical DALnet help channel, #Help is responsible for assisting many different users from around the world about any number of topics. Our main focus is to assist with general IRC questions and DALnet services, but if a helper knows the answer to a given question, they will most likely try to assist if time and channel traffic permit.

We strive to create a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere; however, this is not to say that parents should believe #Help is a haven for their children. As a general rule, IRC should be considered at *minimum* a 13+ activity. Our channel ops will kick inappropriate content as they see it occuring, but they can't prevent it from occuring in most instances.

If you're interested in becoming a helper in #Help, read through our channel guidelines and discuss any questions you may have with an AOp.