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Channel Guidelines

// Commands //
It is important that we give the proper commands to new users. This means commands that are specific to a certain IRC client should not be used. An example is /ns, /cs, which is NickServ and ChanServ and only work with the latest versions of mIRC. The commands should be given in the official DALnet supported way of "/msg service@services.dal.net *command*". It is acceptable to use the short form, for example /nickserv, which is supported on some IRC clients. Be aware however that this does NOT work on a good number of clients, which could confuse a new user easily, in which case it is important to be able to tell them the official DALnet way. Another shortcut that can be used is "/quote *nickserv|chanserv|memoserv* *command*". That will also work on all IRC clients.

// Colours //
1. We teach newbies the basics of IRC. Newbies ask how to use and how to create colours. Therefore, not to be overly obssessive, colours *are* allowed in the channel. It's up to the discretion of the helper if they choose to use colours or not. However, at no time should a helper demand of another one (be it guest helper, AV, AOp, SOp, or otherwise) to stop using colours, provided that that the amount of colour codes used is reasonable. In Op/Voice notice, a general limit of 2 colours should be acceptable to all parties, with one as a "backup" for users who have different backgrounds or what not. Don't forget that there's *always* a method of stripping colours if you do not like them.

2. Excessive colours as stated on our original set of rules is *not* allowed in #Help. This may include glaring background colours, rainbow sentences, any type of excessive control code usage to get a helper's attention more quickly. The limit of tolerance is at the op's discretion. If there is more than one present and one of them chose to warn then please do not contradict them. Take it up in private message during or after the situation if it means that much to you. People who use excessive colours should at least be warned once, preferably twice before any "heavier" action is to be taken.

// Foreign Languages //
Foreign language is allowed in channel. If there is an Aop that speaks the language they can help in the users native tongue. If not then the user can have a translator present to help learn. If neither are present we can direct them to a channel that speaks their language. Only if the person is being overly unco-operative can they be kicked for language.

// Advertising //
Advertising is not allowed in the channel and a kick/ban is a reasonable action to be taken against them. However, if you see someone who is really a newbie and may not understand the rules for IRC then it would be nice of you to warn/explain it to them first. You may use your discretion. We trust your judgement :o)

// Suspected Infections //
If you suspect a user may be infected with an IRC Trojan, it is channel policy to send them to /join #nohack. It is also a good idea to suggest that the user part all channels in order that the infection should not be spread to other users. These users are not spamming intentionally, and all responses should be helpful.

// Offensive Language //
#Help should be classified as a family channel, therefore swearing or any type of bad language should not be tolerated. Please warn before you kick/ban. In cases of flooding, multiple offenses, an immediate kick/ban would be justified.

// Offensive User Names or Idents //
No offensive user names or idents in channel. Ask the user to change their username. If they do not comply, kick with an appropriate message.

// Auto-Greets //
Auto-Greets, as a general rule, are not allowed in the channel. Please take the time to warn at least once, wait a reasonable amount of time (and check if they are lagged to you or not), cycle the channel and if their script is still active, kick/ban them for it.

// Sounds //
As a general rule please do not play sounds in the channel and ask the users not to do so as well. However, this should be treated leniently, especially if someone wishes to experiment with sounds. At least 2 warnings please.

//Use of Helping Scripts //
Popups/Aliases or any other type of script that serves for answering questions in #Help should be deactivated. You may use them if:
1. The channel is very busy and there aren't enough helpers
2. The alias/popup in question is made mostly of URLs (which would be pointless to type out). examples:

-Nuke patches, port detection, icmp patches for Win95 and WinNT can be found at http://www.dynamsol.com/puppet/ or http://www.compusmart.ab.ca/dmurphy/.

-Information on how to report nukes: http://www.webzone.net/DDG_Computing/Dalnet/Report.html

-You inquired about how to be an IRCop? Go to http://www.dal.net/howto/FAQ.administration.html#4.1 OR http://www.rollanet.org/~acolman/ircoper.html OR http://ahnberg.pp.se/ircop.html They should answer all the questions that you may have.

Use your judgement to deem as to what is appropriate or not ;) Incoming helpers who use aliases/popups/etc. should be warned at least twice.

// Use of automated scripts - Channel Protection, etc. //
The use of automated scripts is not allowed in #help as a general rule.

//Chatting //
#Help is a newbie help channel and we therefore allow chatting. Helpers are allowed to and encouraged to request users to talk to them in the channel instead of private message. We pose no restriction upon the amount of fun and play :P *but* we trust that you will always put someone's question before general chat.

// Number of Channels (Multi-Tasking) //
If you know that you are not going to be able to pay too much attention to #help due to all the other channels that you are in, then please deop or deop/voice yourself. We would ask you to occasionally take the time to just see to #help though :o)

// Idling //
Idling as such is not disallowed in the channel - we see nothing wrong with it. But if you know that you are going to be gone for several hours then what's the point of idling the channel? *fodder for thought* Please don't idle while opped/voice for long stretches of time unless you have a very good reason.

// Fun Popups //
Those cute little popups are allowed in #help but please don't use them every other second and try to avoid those *huge* multiline ones. Treat users who use popups based on whether they are flooding the channel or not. Warn them first if it's feasible.

// Correcting Mistakes //
If another helper makes a mistake, it is only polite to /notice or /msg them of their error, and allow them to correct themselves. If the helper does not correct their error in an appropriate time, then it would be appropriate to correct them on the channel. Please be polite when correcting mistakes. If a non-helper asks in the channel if a command is correct, answer them.