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Getting Started on IRC - Do's and Don'ts

3.1 - Chatting on a channel

When you are chatting on any channel, the operators (ops, with an @ in front of the nick) are in complete control of that channel. What they say goes as far as rules are concerned and they can remove anyone from the channel for any reason. The easiest way to avoid getting kicked is to follow the channel rules and listen to warnings from the ops. All channels have their own specific rules, but here are a few general pointers. Do not advertise or invite for other channels or web sites, especially those of a sexual or pornographic nature. Many users find this type of material offensive and ops will often kick and ban those who advertise on a channel. Also Mass-Advertising, however you do it, is BANNED on DALnet and will get you banned from the network completely. Do not flood the channel with large popups (text pictures) or by repeating over and over agian. Generally, more than 5 lines in 5 seconds is considered flooding. Do not harrass other users or argue with channel operators. Do not message or dcc people without asking them on channel first, it's rude. Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It is hard to read and considered to be shouting. Do not send any kind of file without permission. This will often lead to an instant ban. Please respect the language of a channel. Many channels allow a mixture of languages, equally many do not. Don't use offensive or abusive language either on channel or in private. Never, ever use any kind of script to flood, nuke, harrass or annoy others. Nuking is actually ILLEGAL and flooding can get you banned from the network In general, behave in a polite and respectful manner toward others and you are unlikedly to have a problem.

3.2 - Topics of discussion

In order to maintain some semblance of order on a chanel, many have fixed topics of discussion. These are often shown in the Channel topic (look in the title bar of the channel window). Some channels also allow people to discuss almost any topic. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of your topic for a channel, please ask. Most operators would rather you asked first than need to kick you for not following the channel rules.

3.3 - I'm Banned - what can I do?

Once again, DON'T PANIC. Getting banned is a fact of life on IRC - it happens to everyone. What you can do about it depends on why you are banned. If you get kicked from a channel & then find you are banned, you have probably broken a channel rule. What you should do is look at the kick message and note the nickname of the operator who kicked you. You can then use this command to politely ask for the ban to be removed. /msg opsnick your apologie (for example, /msg jimmy sorry - I made a mistake. )

NOTE: Channel operators are NOT obliged to lift any ban. If they won't there is NOTHING you can do, except go and find another channel. If on the other hand you try to join a channel you have not visited before and find you are banned, it's probably not your fault. In some cases it is necesary to ban a complete ISP from a channel or even from a network. In this case there is probably nothing you can do, as this kind of ban is usually placed by a Super OP (sop) and is enforced by Chanserv. Only a sop or the channel founder can lift this kind of ban. These bans are really not that common. On some channels, individual ops maintain a list of offensive people who they will kick and ban automatically if they join the channel. If this happens to you, you have almost certainly deserved it and the chances of it being lifted are very slim. Once again, /msg the op concerned and politely apologize.