Welcome to #DALnetHelp

Welcome to #DALnetHelp
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Our slogan In the Pursuit of Excellence reflects a relentless task. We strive to give users the most comprehensive help possible, from nickname and channel registration to internet security to network operation, with everything in between. No question is too simple or too difficult for us to handle if it is important to you. Within this quest for excellence, our channel staff undergo a rigorous training process designed to reflect the latest changes on DALnet so as to provide 'cutting edge' information about the network and its services. In doing so, our staff invest great time and effort into bringing you the quality assistance you need to maximize your enjoyment of the DALnet IRC network.

Not always as visible as our other staff are the users who comprise our team of SOps. Each has a hand in #DALnetHelp's 'quality control', as well as overseeing every aspect of this channel's operations. By working hand-in-hand with DALnet's Help Committee, they keep our staff aware of the latest developments on this network. They maintain an 'open door' policy with both staff and users, so questions, comments, and concerns will always receive a fair and honest reply. Of course, channel staff on all levels contribute to helping users, and if you are interested in joining our team of helpers, you should read both our channel policy page and our training page. These pages provide all the information you will need to know before you can begin helping in #DALnetHelp.

Only serious minded helpers with the best intentions need apply.

While you are here, please examine any information pertaining to your interests. Whenever in need, do not hesitate to join #DALnetHelp -- we are always open. If we have had the pleasure of your visit, and your needs were met, please email dnh@lists.dal.net to let us know. In the unlikely event that you've encountered a problem, we especially want to know. Email the SOps at dnh-sops@googlegroups.com. Let us know how we're doing in our quest for excellence.

Thanks for flying DALnet!

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